Hoardings in Kochi 

Kochi is the commercial, industrial and financial capital of Kerala. With a rich history and vibrant culture, it is an emerging power city. With a wide variety of people from all over Kerala and India Kochi or Cochin has the most varied customer base among the cities in Kerala. As of the 2011 census, the total population of Kochi metropolis was 32.82 Lakhs and was estimated to be around 34.06 Lakhs. Get your brand noticed, advertise using billboards at prime locations in Kochi. Come find your hoardings in Ernakulam with Lets Play Outdoors.

Being the financial capital, Kochi has the highest GDP and GDP per capita in the state. Due to heavy investment in recent times, Kochi has become one of the fastest-growing second-tier metro cities in India. With industries and commercial companies swarming up, the market is wide and far spread. The amalgam nature of the city provides any brand with an excellent target audience in any demographic. 


With a well-networked transportation system and a population density of about 1,702 people per sq km, the right form of outdoor advertising goes a long way in promoting. The traditional form of out-of-home advertising ie the billboards is the most effective way of putting your product out there. 


Why do you need Hoarding advertising in Kochi?

Hoardings/ Billboards markets using large-scale print advertisements. They are placed in strategic locations to gain the highest number of eyes. Out-of-Home advertising specially hoardings and billboards give the highest number of impressions when compared to other mediums of advertising. This, in turn, helps in creating brand awareness. Billboards can be customized to be creative and the sheer volume is sure to leave a lasting impression. A survey shows that people who see an outdoor ad displayed while going shopping are more likely to buy that product.

Advertising in hoardings are always present, they cannot be skipped. Billboards are similar to broadcast groups as every commuter, regardless of the reason for being on the road becomes your audience. Advertising on billboards helps reinforce messages through multiple impressions per person every day resulting in an effective outcome. Hoardings are cost-effective than many other mediums of advertising and offer long term, 24 x 7 message visibility compared to other media that provides only 30 seconds of exposure.


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Events in Kochi


    It is the main attraction of Kochi. It's a spectacle like none other. It’s a 10-day event which ends on the New Years. A culmination of dance, songs, live music, and many other art forms. On the new year as soon as the clock strikes 12 a huge mannequin of Santa Clause, ‘ papaji’ is burnt to welcome the new year. The whole of Fort Kochi is decorated in confetti and lights drawing in a huge crowd every year.


    A magnificent blend of art, life, and culture with people pouring in from all over the world, that is Kochi-Muziris Biennale. A bustling 3 months of celebrating life at its finest with both national, international, and local people alike. It takes place every 2 years in the months of December to march.


  • Athachamayam 

    Onam is the festival of Kerala, but here at Tripunithura the beginning of Onam ‘ Athachamayam’ is a spectacle on its own. The colorful festival is an explosion of everything Kerala. Costumes, folk songs, elephant processions, and chenda melam.

    With people rushing in from all over the world to experience Kochi to the fullest, embed your brand into their minds with Hoardings in prime locations all over Kochi.  


Let’s Play Outdoors - Billboards in Kochi

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