Hoardings in Idukki

The “ Spice garden of Kerala “, with its majestic hills and forests Idukki is the queen here in Kerala. It is the second-largest district in the state with the least population density. The population of Idukki is 10.93 lakh as per the 2018 Statistics Report, the urban population being higher than the rural. The economy of Idukki largely depended upon agriculture with cardamom, tea, and other spices topping the list. The Indo-Swiz project with Kerala Livestock Development and Milk Marketing Board has strengthened the economic dairy farming here. Idukki is one of the major tourist destinations in Kerala for both domestic and international travelers, making tourism another booming industry in the district. In recent years progressive farming and floriculture are also becoming popular in the region. 


Surprisingly Idukki is well connected and one of the first districts to have gotten connected to the superfast broadband system as part of the digital India campaign. 


Why do you need hoarding advertisements in Idukki, Kerala?

Hoardings are large displays mounted on high traffic locations for advertising purposes. They have been around for a long time and are called traditional outdoor advertising media. It is estimated that 50% of clicks gained through online ads are of those products whose billboards the consumer has seen prior. They are an effective way to reach an audience and create brand awareness.


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