Hoardings in Kanpur 

Kanpur is a city that was formed during the peak years of British Rule in India. Formerly known as Cawnpore it was found in the year 1803 and was the military and Industrial hub of British India. They were the largest manufacturers of leather goods in the country, which are, in large sums, exported to the west. In fact, the city is known as the “ Leather city of the world” and widely called “ The Manchester of the East” for its textile industry. The economy of Kanpur was predominantly based on leather export and automobile parts manufacturing. Another major employment sector in Kanpur is agriculture. Since agriculture is seasonal most of the rural population survive on poultry farming. Kanpur has the 9th largest urban economy in India. 


According to the 2011 Census, the city has a population of 4.58 million, ranking 11th most populous urbanscape in India. It has a literacy rate of 79.65% which is much less than the national average. Place your brand amidst the streets with advertisement hoardings in Kanpur, UP. Let’s Play outdoors provides you with the best hoardings in the city, for you to choose from.


Why do you need hoarding advertisements in Kanpur, UP?

Hoardings or billboards are large pieces of advertisements, print or otherwise, mounted onto high traffic areas to get the attention of the passer-by. They are mainly used to make an impact and create brand awareness. They have been part of the advertising scene since the inception of the concept of trade, dated back to the Egyptian civilisations and such. Generate the awareness your brand needs with hoardings in Kanpur. Let’s play outdoors so you can get the hoardings you need at the comfort of your couch. 


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