Hoardings in Kollam

Kollam or Quilon the second most revenue-generating district of Kerala, with a well-established seaport Quilon was known as the commercial capital of Kerala. With a prominent cashew export Kollam, even today is known as the Cashew Capital of the world. Kollam Municipal Council holds the third-highest budget in Kerala in terms of expenditure and revenue. It is the second most revenue earning city in the state. 


Kollam is an ISO 9001:2015 certified town which is in the 10th position of fastest-growing cities in the world list by the Economic Intelligence Unit (EIU). Sitting by the shore of Ashtamudi Kayal Kollam is one of the cleanest cities in India. Kollam has a population of 26.35 lakhs it is a relatively industrialized city. In every way Kollam is going to be one of the major cities in Kerala pretty soon, use this opportunity to reach more people in Kollam through advertisement hoardings. Let's Play Outdoors helps you find the best possible ways to reach your audience through outdoor advertising.

Why should you do hoarding advertising in Kollam?

Billboard advertisements are the traditional form of outdoor advertising. Any form of large print or painted on a sheet and mounted on to a high surface that grabs the attention of people for marketing purposes generally comes under billboard advertising. Billboards are classified according to their size, location, and print being used. Due to new technology today billboards have become much more vibrant, innovative, and popular. They have become part of pop culture.


An estimated 50% of people who click on online links are the ones that saw a billboard or hoarding of the same before. Hoardings are the best way to create awareness about your brand. Let's play outdoors, is your perfect marketing partner for all OOH advertising. With 100 plus billboards in Kollam at prime locations, we provide you with the best catered to your needs.