Hoardings in Kottayam 

The 1st town to have reached 100% ( in the year 1981) literacy in the state of Kerala, Kottayam has always been one of the pioneers in knowledge. The oldest college and school of the district are placed here. Kottayam is the publication head of Kerala. The first and only Cooperative Society of writers, authors and publishers (SPCS), for publishing books and periodicals was set up here in 1945.  It is also the first city to be selected by the Govt. of India to be transformed as an Eco-city. Kottayam like Palakkad is mainly agrarian with rubber being the main crop of the district. Other than rubber Kottayam is famous for its export of spices. Different types of pepper, turmeric, cardamom, chili, and others are grown in the district.


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