Hoardings in Surat

The Diamond City of India, Surat in South of Gujarat, is one of the fastest-growing cities in the world. It won the title of Netexplo Smart city Award 2019 with UNESCO in the resilience category. It was a seaport city that has now transformed into the economic and industrial hub of Gujarat. It is known for its Diamond and textile industry. Surat is ranked 9th in the country with a GDP of around $40 million USD in 2016, which is expected to have grown to $57 million USD around 2020. The main bread earner and economic contributors are the Diamond and textile industries. The Surat diamond polishing industry is world-class and well established since the 1930s. It is considered that 8 out of 10 diamonds out on the market are polished here in Surat. Another massive contributor to the economic boom of the city is the Information Technology sector. Many major projects are being undertaken in this field opening up huge employment opportunities.


As per the 2011 census, Surat has a population of 4.46 million which is expected to cross 7.49 million in 2021. With such a vibrant and enigmatic past Surat is the best place to launch your business. Advertise with hoardings in Surat to boost your sales. Let’s play outdoors provides you with the best hoardings in Surat at prime locations. 


Why do you need hoardings in Surat, Gujarat?


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