Hoardings in Aurangabad 

The fourth most populous city in Maharashtra, Aurangabad has traditionally been a trade hub about four centuries ago. Briefly the capital of Delhi Sultanate, the city has ample tales to tell. Aurangabad is an industrial economy, with manufacturing leading the pack. Another giant contributor to the industrial sector is the automotive and auto components. The largest  Bio-pharmaceutical in India, Recombinant Insulin Manufacturing is situated here. Also, the largest seed companies in India are working along the Aurangabad- Jalna belt. It was once a major cotton and silk textile production centre. The modern retail industry is currently the major employment generator. 


Aurangabad is the headquarters of Maharashtra Center for Entrepreneurship Development which has dedicated itself to balanced industrialisation of the state.  Aurangabad is also a popular tourism spot. Back in the days, there were more than 52 gates hence it is called the “The City of Gates”. With a population of 1.17 million as of the census 2011, the literacy rate is 87.5%.  Marathi is the most widely spoken language in the city, Hindi and English following the pursuit. Advertising hoardings in the historic city of Aurangabad gives you the opportunity to get your message across.  Let’s Play Outdoors provides you with the finest hoardings in Aurangabad at the best offers at your fingertip.


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