Now play outdoors by choosing online

Now play outdoors by choosing online

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  • June 01 , 2020

Outdoor marketing and advertising has made a huge comeback over the recent years. The high ROI on OOH advertising has brought back the advertisers to spending their advertising dollars on outdoor ads. However, some new age advertisers are still keeping away from them due to logistical issues. However, nowadays technology has come to the aid of such advertisers.

Platforms like Let’s Play Outdoors make it easy for advertisers and marketers. All they have to do is to choose their markets and targeted audience. Once they have it ready, you can login to such portals and choose from a plethora of outdoor advertising options. You can enter your target locations and view the options for doing outdoor ads in that region. This could include banner ads, hoardings, transit ads like bus advertisements, but stop advertisements, shopping mall ads and a lot more. Based on their target audience, these marketers can make their choice.

Such platforms also offer detailed information on these advertising opportunities. Imagine a hoarding ad. All the information regarding a hoarding like the size, location, directions to reach there, images of the hoarding, videos of the hoarding and location, expected footfall of the location, map details and a whole lot of such data is made available. This makes the advertising decision a lot easier. You know your expected audience and the visibility factor of your ads and you can easily make out your ROI.

Now is the time to get back to OOH advertising. The best thing about Ooh advertising through such online channels is that there is an option for everyone. Based on your budget, scope and requirements, advertisers can choose an OOH advertising channel and view the results by monitoring them online.