Best Practices for a perfect OOH Advertising Campaign

Best Practices for a perfect OOH Advertising Campaign

  • By Super Admin
  • July 13 , 2020

According to recent studies, at least 70% buyers responded that an OOH advertisement has influenced their purchasing decision in the past 3 months. That’s why OOH advertising still remains one of the most popular advertising channels. So, how do you create a perfect OOH advertising campaign? Given below are some best practices that you can follow. 

Getting the ad placement right

You know your product and you know your target audience. So, you need to place your ads in locations where your audience will notice them. Knowing the market is important before you plan your OOH advertising campaign. Once you understand your markets, you will know where to place your outdoor advertisements or transit media advertisements. 

The timing of your OOH Advertising campaign

Some products are seasonal. Some products are purchased during particular seasons. Some products are purchased around the year. Based on your products, you need to plan your advertising campaigns .If chances of your product being purchased are higher during a holiday season, make sure that your OOH ads are in place before that season. You need to let your prospects know about your products and offers. 

Getting the right channel

OOH advertising offers different channels like billboards, transit media ads, shopping mall ads, etc. You need to select the right channels that suit your product and scope. A market study will go a long way in helping you decide the right channels. The theme of your advertising campaign will also decide your channels. 

Get the creative right

The creative or the design of an advertisement is crucial in outdoor advertisements. You only get a very short time-span to attract your prospects. You need to make use of that and catch their attention. A great creative design will help you do that and more.

So, start working on your perfect OOH Advertising campaign keeping in mind these best practices.