Outdoor Advertising in 2020 – The way ahead

Outdoor Advertising in 2020 – The way ahead

  • By Super Admin
  • June 06 , 2020

OOH Advertising proved to be one of the most preferred modes of advertising over the past couple of years. Advertisers who adapted to the new wave of technology proved that outdoor advertising can give the best bang for your bucks. So, what should advertisers be doing in 2020 when they plan their OOH advertising campaigns?

Be creative with your designs

Visual designs hold the key for any OOH advertisement. You get 5 to 10 seconds to catch the attention of your prospects. You can’t do that with your copy. The copy has to be crisp and short. The design is what matters the most. Don’t restrict your design ideas to the old conventions. Come up with something fresh, creative or even whacky. Today’s crowds appreciate creativity and associate that with your brand as well. 

Be flexible with digital technology

Outdoor advertising doesn’t mean you avoid anything digital. Digital signboards and catching up and you need to be creative with them as well. You can’t just put digital signboards for the sake of it. Your product and your campaign need to warrant the use of that. Also, digital is not all about digital signboards. Make use of QR codes, links and other mobile techniques to help the viewers act as soon as they see your ads. 

Have a clear and crisp CTA

Call to action is very important to any ad campaign, especially when it’s an outdoor one. You need to be clear about what you want the viewers to do after the see the ad. If there is an actionable call to action, make sure that you give them a chance to do that immediately. With mobiles and internet, you can do that easily. Don’t expect your prospects to remember your ad and come to your brick and mortar shop always. Given them easy choices to act and make purchase decisions immediately. 

Above everything else, make sure you have access to the right spots for your OOH ads. Search and find out the right locations for your advertisements.