Billboard Advertising – Design Tips

Billboard Advertising – Design Tips

  • By Super Admin
  • August 31 , 2020

Brands are rediscovering the effectiveness of billboard advertising with the aid of technology. Over the recent years, billboards have proved to offer great ROI. Unlike in the past, now we can even measure the ROI with actionable elements in the billboards like QR codes, links and other aspects. However, the key to any billboard ad is the design and the core idea behind the advertisement.

So, how do you get started with designing a billboard ad? First and foremost comes the ideation part of the billboard advertisement. What will be the idea behind the hoarding? The idea should be simple, engaging and catchy. The average time a viewer spends on a billboard ad is 5 to 10 seconds. You need to catch his attention within that time span. Also, in some cases where the viewer will be traveling in a vehicle, you won’t have enough time to engage the customer. Here, the ad should catch the imagination of the viewer and impart the message in a very short time. So, the design should have both the elements. It should attract attention as well as have engaging content which will push the viewer to act based on the ad.

When it comes to the visual elements, the advertisements should preferable have bright and bold colours. You need to keep in mind the surroundings of the ad as well. An idea billboard advertisement should gel with the surroundings as well as stand apart to grab attention. The fonts used in a hoarding advertisement should be simple and bold. The viewer must be able to read the key message in a flash. Also, an ideal billboard advertisement shouldn’t be text heavy. No viewer will ready too much text in an ad. The ideas should be delivered with effective visuals. The text should just be there to add value to the ad.

So, what are you waiting for? Get started with your billboard ad designs right away.