Booking your billboard ads online – The new world of OOH advertising

Booking your billboard ads online – The new world of OOH advertising

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  • June 08 , 2020

The world has moved online today. E-commerce has changed the way we function today. Out of Home Advertising was supposed to be a thing of the past once online ads came. However, OOH advertising survived and started flourishing even more in the digital era. Out of Home Advertising used all the technical advancements in the designing and printing industry to come up with better billboards, transit media advertisements, etc. and started reaping the benefits. OOH Media agencies also started using the traffic and footfall analytics to ensure high results from outdoor advertisements.

Adapting to new situations is the key in any business. Out of Home advertising is no different. Top agencies across the world are now offering OOH advertising services online. Let’s Play Outdoors is India’s premier provider of OOH services online. Now, users can login using their computers or mobiles and choose the services and products they want. They can select the products, locations, designs, etc. online and even choose the vendor they want.

Let’s say you want an outdoor billboard advertisement in Cochin. You can login to Let’s Play Outdoors and check for Billboard ads. You will have multiple options listed there. You can choose the location based on the analytics offered including the traffic and eyeballs. You will have all the relevant details like location, directions, road, images, videos, etc. available. Once you make your choice, the vendor will be notified and will get in touch with you to take the requirement forward.

Similarly, you can avail any OOH services or purchase any OOH product through Let’s Play Outdoors. So, what are you waiting for? Make the best use of the technology available. Get started today.