Location is crucial in new age OOH Advertising

Location is crucial in new age OOH Advertising

  • By Super Admin
  • July 20 , 2020

All these years, outdoor advertising provided a physical advertising channel which helped you create a splash in the markets. It was more like an announcement that you wanted to make. It was looked upon as a one-way advertising channel with hardly any interactive options. It was also considered as a generic channel with no chance for planning targeted advertising messages. All this changed with a vital addition – Location data and analytics. 

Location information and analytics can drive multiple decisions when it comes to advertising campaigns. Who are the viewers? Where do they live? How do they commute? What are their general likes and disliked? All this data can revolutionize the way you prepare your advertising campaigns. Gone are the days of generic advertising messages with carpet campaigns aimed at all and sundry. The new questions answered by location data have changed the way OOH advertisers work. By knowing a person’s location, interests and social behaviour, the content and format of outdoor advertisements can be tailored to enhance the brand experience on offer. 

Earlier, outdoor advertisements were chosen based on popular spots. This had nothing to with whether the spot was good for a particular product/service advertisement or not. The decision was not based on whether the expected audience at that spot suited your advertising content or not. All this changed with location analytics offered by most OOH advertisers today. With cutting edge analytics, you know the audience, their interests, their language and their likes and dislikes. This information goes a long way in creating connect with the audience with the right messages and the right products/services. 

Marketers can now see a broad snapshot of what their consumers prefer and how they behave, which lets them tailor marketing campaigns to boost engagement and interaction. Armed with consumer insights like ‘who’ interacted with the ad via an OOH campaign, brands can now continue their story on digital mediums, and retarget these consumers at the right moment