6 OOH Advertising takeaways from the last decade

6 OOH Advertising takeaways from the last decade

  • By Super Admin
  • August 24 , 2020

In this blog, we will discuss some of the biggest development in the OOH advertising industry in the last decade or so.

OOH Advertising revenue kept growing – With the dawn of the digital era, OOH advertising was supposed to put the squeeze on the traditional outdoor media. However, OOH advertising kept growing and has seen a growth of 7% in the last quarter of this year as well.

Social Media and OOH Media – Social Media and OOH Media shouldn’t be working together, right? Except, they did and the results were pretty good. Social Media made it easier for OOH advertisements to go viral. It was not just the word of the mouth now. People clicked photos and shared images of creative OOH advertisements and they went viral in no time.

Measuring OOH Media – With technological advancements, measuring the effect of OOH advertisements became possible. Traffic ratings and expected footfall counts made it easier to measure the results from outdoor advertisements.

Digital Billboards – Digital billboards became very popular in the last decade. They give more options to share longer messages and offer better scope at conversing with the viewers. Digital signage solutions also offer options to show messages depending on the demographics of the viewers as well.

Mobile and OOH Advertising – The popularity of smartphones meant OOH advertisements could make viewers act then and there itself. With QR codes and other similar technology, viewers could make purchases or avail discounts directly from the outdoor ads.

Data to run targeted campaigns – As mentioned previously, the availability of data changes the way OOH advertisements worked. Complex data helped advertisers run highly targeted outdoor advertising campaigns. Now, it’s easier to run niche OOH advertising campaigns based on the audience and the product.

The biggest take from the last decade is that OOH advertising is here to stay. It stil remains one of the most popular and effective modes of advertising.