4 tips to get started with your outdoor advertising campaigns

4 tips to get started with your outdoor advertising campaigns

  • By Super Admin
  • August 17 , 2020

If you are new to outdoor advertising, you need to plan your first campaign diligently. Outdoor advertising is one of the most effective advertising channels available in the mix. However, you need to plan your campaigns well to ensure that you get the optimum results from them. 

Use the available data

Data analytics has changed the way OOH marketing works. Gone are the days of generic outdoor advertisements. Nowadays, new age outdoor advertising agencies crunch the available data to come up with highly targeted and niche advertising campaigns. When you plan your advertising campaign, make sure that you have access to the entire available data analytics like expected footfall, eyeballs, demographics of the viewers, etc. 

Book your OOH locations strategically

In the past, OOH campaigns were just rolled out in a generic manner without any planning. However, nowadays outdoor advertising campaigns are planned diligently and rolled out across locations where you are most likely to reach your target audience. Based on your products and services, you need to place your outdoor advertisements strategically. 

Get your message across effectively

When you design an outdoor advertisement, you need to keep is simple and straight and yet be creative about the whole thing. That’s the key to a successful outdoor advertisement. You need to build a theme for your advertisement and communicate that with effective and catchy designs.Make sure that you keep the words to a bare minimum as the readers won’t have time to read long messages. 

Integrate your OOH campaigns with social media

The best chance of your OOH campaigns becoming popular is for it to become viral on the social media. Though they are two entirely different channels, you can leverage social media to make sure that your campaign is a success. Make sure that you have QR codes to share your campaigns on social media. Also, you need to have your team sharing your campaign on the social media and have some freebies for people sharing live advertisements.