Transit Media Advertising – Types of Bus Advertising

Transit Media Advertising – Types of Bus Advertising

  • By Super Admin
  • June 29 , 2020

Any brand advertising is not complete without a brand marketing and advertising strategy. In order to take your brand to your customers, your messages need to be present where the customers are. Out of Home advertising helps you do that and more. Transit Media Advertising is a part of Ooh advertising. It is primarily advertising placed in, on and around modes of public transportation. It is the best example for an OOH advertising channel that reaches where the audience is and catches their attention when they are out of their homes. Transit advertising can be buses, taxis, metros, trains, etc. In this blog post, we will be concentrating on bus advertising.

Buses are the most common modes of public transport in India. As a reason, it is the type of transit media advertising that helps you reach your customers, irrespective of your product or service. Strong messages through bus advertisements help you reach your customers and create a connect with them.

Bus Wraps – Bus wraps are advertisements that cover the complete area of buses. These advertisements are mainly done on low floor premium buses. These ads create quite an impression on the customers and are sure shot ways to catch the attention of the crowd.

Side Ads - Bus side ads cover one side of the bus and are quite effective when you have ads on both sides. You can generate a curiosity with creative designs and messages that use the dimensions correctly.

Ads on the back of the bus – This is probably one of the oldest example of bus ads with creative ads or messages on the back of public transport buses. This is an attractive and simple way to make sure that your messages reach your targets.

Bus handles, upper panels and seats – Bus seats and handles can be a great option to create a buzz around your brand. The passengers spend idle time inside the buses and if you can come up with creative designs and messages, you can engage them quite effectively. This is where seat and handle ads have an advantage.